Sudden closure of Goodchilds leaves many in limbo

Sudden closure of Goodchilds leaves many in limbo

The Tamworth Herald has reported on the closure of the Goodchilds Estate Agency in Tamworth and Atherstone. 

Many have been hit by the sudden closure and we are currently assisting several landlords and tenants who have been affected. 

A spokesman for Goodchilds has commented to the Herald stating they had cause for concern prior to the closure and made repeated requests over the past two months to contact the Director of Goodchilds Tamworth and Atherstone, without success.

One landlord we now act for has been written to by Goodchilds, who have distanced themselves from the situation, whilst also stating that they have 'serious concerns as to the whereabouts of the client monies'. Goodchilds is part of the Belvoir lettings group, who will have in place a legal redress scheme for those affected. If you are a landlord or tenant who has been affected, then it may be worth contacting Belvoir Lettings Plc.

Here at Martin & Co we have a team on standby to assist. In particular, we have been keen to put landlords and tenants at ease should they decide to move agents.