Top tips to save money on your energy bills

Top tips to save money on your energy bills
With the new Energy Performance Certificate regulations now in full swing for UK landlords, many will have already upped their game when it comes to achieving the gold star E rating required to let domestic property.

For those properties sat uncomfortably in the F and G sectors of the certificate, work such as cavity wall insulation, new glazing or lagging of pipes may have been carried out to ensure the new minimum standards are being met.

These changes could make a big difference to your bills across a calendar year. If you want to reduce your energy bills even further, following these top tips could save you hundreds of pounds a year....

Turn it down!

Turning down the central heating thermostat by just one degree could save up to £60 per year on heating bills. Will one degree mean you suddenly feel the chill while watching Coronation Street? It's unlikely. But one place that will feel the benefit is your pocket.

Get cosy

There's something rather lovely about pulling on a thick knit in winter, even indoors. Or perhaps pulling a throw or extra cover over the bed. Those extra layers could ease the temptation to turn the thermostat dial round a couple of notches...

Power surge

Everyone loves a power shower. That feeling of intense cleanliness and temporary reddening of the skin can't be beaten by the traditional bath. But turning down the power on your shower pump could save you a fair wedge of money on water bills - especially when you consider a 20-minute blast potentially uses more water than a bath. It's a luxury after all, so how about treating yourself to full power at the weekends only?

Get cooking

How many times have you pre-heated your oven only to place one solitary meal inside once it's up to full temperature? All those empty shelves are soaking up energy so how about putting several meals in at one time before freezing the ones for later in the week?

Moreover, once the cooking process is complete, leave the oven door open while you sit down to enjoy your culinary delight... it will heat your kitchen and is a far more efficient way of doing so when most people simply let the heat flow through their extractor fans.

Fill it up

Keeping your fridge and freezer full means the poor appliance doesn't have to work so hard. For those student tenants - put actual food in the fridge rather than a few bottles of beer! Empty space wastes energy.

Cold washes

Around 90% of a washing machine's work is done heating the water... that's a lot of energy being soaked up. Turning the wash down to 30% won't make a huge difference to the cleanliness of your laundry but it will make a substantial difference to your energy bills.

Switch off and save money

How many of us put the TV on standby rather than raise from the sofa and turn it off? Most, probably. But even if your favourite box set isn't playing, the TV is still using energy on standby mode. And phone chargers are the same - if they are plugged in, they are using energy even if your phone is not attached.

Let there be (natural) light - but not always

In the warmer months, get those curtains or blinds open early in the day - especially if your main living space is south facing. The sun will warm the room naturally, meaning less temptation to give the heating a quick blast, particularly in spring when the mornings can still be somewhat chilly.

But in the winter, or when it gets dark, closing the curtains and blinds can help keep the natural heat from the day inside your property so make sure your tenants are shutting away the outdoors at the right times!

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