Does a nice garden add value? Yes! And here are five ways you can create one

Does a nice garden add value? Yes! And here are five ways you can create one

Most sellers tend to focus on their property’s interior when preparing it for the sales market.

But in the current market, if your home doesn’t stand out from the crowd, you could be waiting some time for a buyer.

One way to ensure your home captures the attention of choosy buyers, or tenants if you are a landlord, is by creating a stand-out garden space.

Not only can this help you secure a quick sale, but it can also add value to your property.


How to add value to your garden: 5 easy ways

1. Have a tidy-up

Even if your garden budget is small, a minor sprucing up of the space can make a big difference to how a buyer sees your home.

Take a look around your garden and make a note of anything that needs repair work.

This could be a broken fence panel or a shed requiring a fresh coat of paint.

Mow the lawn, cut back any foliage that has overgrown and, if you’re selling in spring, clear away any last remnants of the autumn or winter from pathways.

If a buyer sees a garden that is uncared for, they will be far more likely to view the rest of your property in a similarly negative light.


2. A splash of colour

Now your garden is looking well kept and tidy, it’s time to add some colour with a few well-chosen plants.

While many buyers look for gardens that are low maintenance, having some nice pots dotted around will add to their first impressions of your outdoor space in the spring or summer months.


3. Add something other properties don’t have

Remember we talked earlier about standing out in a buyer’s market?

Well, one great way to do that is to add something to your garden that other, similar properties don’t have.

This will require a bit of a budget, but should also add value to your home when it’s on the market.

Perhaps consider a summer house or garden office?

Or even a shed if your budget doesn’t stretch to more complicated constructions.

These extra rooms can be used for a variety of needs and should certainly appeal to buyers looking for additional space.


4. Entertaining space

Gardens shouldn’t be all about lawns in 2019 – buyers love to entertain in their gardens, which means the need for some hard-standing space is stronger than ever.

A good quality patio, paving or decking can really make a huge difference to a garden and will enable buyers to see themselves enjoying the space.

Adding some additional lighting, too, can help add even more value as an entertaining space that can be used after the sun has dipped below the horizon.


5. Think about security

Buyers in 2019 don’t just think with their hearts, although that particular organ does still often rule the day!

They’ll also be looking at your garden from a practical position – which means security will be in their minds, too.

Potential buyers may have pets, such as a dog, or children, so they will want to see that your garden is secure and safe.

If they will be placing valuable items in a shed, they’ll want to see that the garden is also burglar-proof with movement-activated lighting and well-secured gates.


How to make your garden private – and do it cheap

Another key thing for buyers and tenants will be privacy.

So, if your back garden is overlooked by neighbours, you should look to do something about it.

The good news is there are cheap ideas for overlooked gardens. You could consider:

  •  Building a privacy screen for your patio or decking area from some trellis
  •  Use large planters arranged along an area where you need privacy
  •  Grow some bamboo in pots and place these alongside your fence for added screening


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