Retaliatory evictions – make sure your voice is heard

Retaliatory evictions – make sure your voice is heard

The RLA has launched a campaign webpage in response to Sarah Teather MP’s Tenancies (Reform) Bill, on so-called ‘retaliatory’ or ‘revenge’ evictions.

The Bill receives its second reading on 28 November and seeks to limit landlords’ use of section 21 notices. The RLA is asking landlords to raise concerns with MPs and the housing minister, and to let the campaign know when they have needed section 21 notices to evict nightmare tenants.

The site includes information to help landlords identify their local MP and find their contact details, as well as key points to include in any letter or meeting.

The webpage is a complete toolkit for landlords to understand the impact of the ‘Teather Bill’ and the response from the RLA.

Introduced by MP for Brent Central, Sarah Teather, the Bill will limit the use of a Section 21 notice for landlords looking to gain possession if a tenant has complained about repairs or the condition of the property.

The RLA says this is an extremely important debate and it is vital that landlords make their voices heard.