NHBC backs Labour housing pledge

NHBC backs Labour housing pledge

The National House Building Council says it welcomes Labour’s pledge to guarantee access to land for smaller house builders.

Emma Reynolds, Labour’s new housing spokeswoman, says the move will create 230,000 construction jobs as well as tens of thousands of new homes.

“We welcome Labour’s pledge to support small builders who have been hard hit by the downturn. NHBC is conducting its own research into the obstacles small builders face. Our findings will inform the debate about how future government policy will help increase the number of smaller builders and new homes” says NHBC chief executive Mike Quinton.

Labour claims that since 2010 some 3,000 smaller construction firms have folded, reducing competition and thus the quantity and quality of new homes built.

The party says it will oblige developers to register ownership and options on land and force councils to include a higher proportion of small sites in their five-year land supply.