Landlord who would not repair flat faces £10,000 bill

Landlord who would not repair flat faces £10,000 bill

A landlord is facing a £10,000 bill after failing to carry out essential repairs to a home where a mother and young daughter endured almost constant flooding.

Despite improvement notices, Ghulam Sorwar did not fix a vent pipe, which meant grey waste water almost continually flooded the flat in Colchester, Essex.

He was fined a total of £1,970 at the local magistrates court.

The council will now carry out the work and send Sorwar the bill, expected to be around £8,000.

Tina Bourne, borough councillor responsible for housing, said: “Colchester Council will not tolerate this unacceptable negligence from private sector landlords.
“If landlords fail to take action when they are in violation of the Housing Act, the council is prepared to take action and prosecute.”