A second owned-by-agents property portal unveils plans for launch

A second owned-by-agents property portal unveils plans for launch

New plans for a second low-cost agent owned portal have been announced.

Nethouseprices would be in head-to-head competition with Agents Mutual, which announced its own plans just weeks ago.

However, Nethouseprices suggests that its plans are much more advanced, and that a new portal – which, like Agents Mutual, is designed to take on Rightmove and Zoopla –  could go live within a matter of weeks.

Industry leader Nick Salmon is endorsing the Nethouseprices portal.

He said: “I fully support it. It gives agents everything they want, at affordable prices, and the fact that it would be in a position to launch quickly is a huge advantage.”

Catherine Lamond, managing director of Nethouseprices, said: “We have been planning to launch an agent owned portal for over 12 months now, after lengthy consultations with our agents who wanted to draw a line in the sand over ever-increasing property portal charges.

“The new portal will be 100% agent owned and controlled via a company limited by guarantee.”

Members would gain ownership via a one-off £250 membership fee per company. On top of that would be a £150 per month, per branch subscription fee. The first 2,000 agents would be offered a lifelong 10% discount.

Lamond said that 400 agents have already registered their interest, and that 1,000 are needed to make the whole project financially viable.

She said: “In light of obvious comparisons with Agents Mutual, we appear to have both come up with a similar model.

“However, Nethouseprices has been running a free-to-list portal for several years, and any other new portal, with a lack of a ready-made technology platform and website, will need significant time and funding to launch.

“Our portal will be live in a matter of weeks.

“We won’t be waiting a year to build the technology platform and website and to set up the feeds with over 30 software companies.

“In a point of significant difference from Agents Mutual, agents subscribing to the Nethouseprices portal will not be required to remove themselves from any other portal.”

Nethouseprices was launched in 2004 and has had a free-to-list portal almost since the start. It currently lists around 360,000 properties from around 5,000 agency offices.

Lamond said the free portal would disappear to be incorporated into the new low-cost, agent-owned site.

The Agents Mutual portal does not yet have a name. Lamond suggested that the Nethouseprices portal has been named, but that it is a closely guarded secret.

Lamond also said that the new portal will compete with Rightmove and Zoopla in terms of management expertise and media budget. She said that a top-level CEO is to be recruited to drive the new agent owned portal project forward.

Expressions of interest from agents can be registered using the link below: