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Breaking News!

RLA advice on cannabis farms!


The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has issues advice to landlords about rented properties being used as cannabis farms.


The past few months have seen several stories of landlords discovering their property has been used to grow illegal drugs. Just last week Landlords Today reported how a landlord from Nottingham faced a massive bill repair after police found cannabis with a street value of £200,000 being grown inside his property.


The RLA says it receives calls two or three times a week from landlords who have discovered their properties are being used as cannabis farms.


It has warned that insurance may not cover the damage and costs of repairs after a cannabis farm has been found.

A member of the RLA’s Landlord advice team has issues the following advice for landlords:


  • If you discover a cannabis farm/factory be sure to tell the police immediately.
  • When you have alerted the police be sure to let your insurers know the situation.
  • It is difficult for a landlord to protect themselves but doing regular checks can help identify tell-tale signs earlier on.
  • Be vigilant of suspicious behaviour: curtains/blinds closed all day, lights on all day, coming and going out at all times.
  • Having an idea of your tenant’s lifestyle is helpful, as a night worker will keep traditionally unsocial hours.
  • Cannabis farms are notorious for the strong smell and could be easy to identify as lifting the letter box.


So landlords, in order for your property to be looked after from the tenants always ensure the above points are taken action upon. Or why not try our fully managed service where we ensure your property is kept in the perfect condition!


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