Rightmove Report

Rightmove Report

A recent report released by property Portal Rightmove has revealed that tenants staying put for longer. 35% of those asked, had been tenants for over three years, whilst 49% showed expectance of increasing their tenancies beyond the three years. Furthermore, rental demand is strong as searches for rents are up 35% from 2011.


The report also demonstrated how important having an online presence is since 97% of tenants use the Internet, specifically Rightmove and Zoopla, to search for property. As compared to a mere 37% using local newspapers. Furthermore, mobile platforms are gaining ground as 20-30% of user searches are made via mobile apps.

The report also states what tenants are looking for when searching for places to rent. These are: kitchen and living rooms, if the landlord accepts pets/housing

benefits/students/children/smokers, if an ad has more photos, room dimensions, if available dates are listed, the tenancy length, and whether the property is furnished or unfurnished.


Rightmove also asked tenants what puts them off during viewings, and the results show that 43% hate dirty bathrooms, 40% are turned off by a dirty kitchen, while 30% don't like dirty internal decoration. The others listed include poorly cared for external decoration (29%), untidy front gardens (15%), unkempt rear gardens (12%), and interiors that need updating (9%). So for your next viewing, make sure you avoid these.


The report is a great peek into the minds of landlords and tenants alike and is packed with useful information.  For further information visit www.rightmove.co.uk

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