Don't become a victim of Burglary

Don't become a victim of Burglary

Statistics show that on average 74 homes in the UK are burgled every HOUR


Here are the Martin & Co top 5 tips to prevent burglary:


1. Don't be an easy target

  • This summer, the heat may urge many to open up the windows to let the air and inevitably potential burglars in!

 2. Consider an alarm 

  • If you haven't done so, install a burglar alarm to deter would-be thieves. 
  • Sometimes, even the mere sight of a security camera or a blinking light can deter most burglars.

3. Be aware of letterbox theft

  • It may seem like something of the past, but letterbox theft is still common.
  • Poles are used to hook keys from hallway entrances too, so make sure valuable are well away from entrances.

4. Lighten up

  • Dark spots in homes are used as cover by burglars when they are looking for ways to gain unauthorized entry to a home. Motion-sensor light fixtures placed above front doors and garage doors, gates and back entrances can be an effective deterrent.
  • For those leaving their homes, or if work causes you to come home late in the evening, timers installed on indoor lights can be another useful disincentive for thieves.

 5. Online announcements

  • Many burglars now turn to social media to target their victims. To counter this, don't announce your next holiday over the internet, or post updates that notify burglars of your absence.
  • Additionally, don't post sensitive information such as home phone numbers, addresses or photos that reveal your home's location available to the public


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