Cornwall says 'NO' to more legislation - for now....

Cornwall says 'NO' to more legislation - for now....
A Labour amendment to the government's housing and planning bill, designed to ensure that all rented accommodation was safe for people to live in, was defeated by 312 votes to 219 with almost all of Cornwall's MP's voting against the amendment.

The government has been heavily criticised for attempting to rush its controversial housing bill through parliament, last month quietly tabling an amendment to the bill that set a maximum of five-year terms for new council tenancies.
The local government minister, Marcus Jones, said Pearce's proposal would result in “unnecessary regulation and cost to landlords†that would deter further investment and push up rents for tenants.

The quality of rental stock in Cornwall is generally good but there are some landlords who are still providing sub standard accommodation. Unfortunately I believe this will be a case of where the majority of landlords will be forced to comply with future legislation because of the few landlords that are not providing a decent standard. 

With more and more legislation being drawn up for landlords, many are choosing to use the management service of a letting agent . at some point the question will be, can you afford NOT to have your property professionally managed?