New Legislation for Landlords

New Legislation for Landlords

LANDLORDS BEWARE! - From xx/xx/xx legislation is changing and all rental properties must, by law have had a legionnaires survey carried out on their property. Failure to do so will lead to a £xxxx fine and..................


Below is an article by Dutton Gregory


Legionnaires’ disease – advice provided by Dutton Gregory:

“The Health and Safety Executive has changed its Code of Practice for Legionnaires' disease

to include water systems of a volume of less than 300 litres. Therefore landlords and

managing agents will need to ensure that they assess and then control the risk from exposure

to Legionella from all water systems in residential rental properties.

A risk assessment should ask the following questions:

In conducting the risk assessment, the person involved needs to be competent, trained and

aware of their responsibilities. They must have the relevant skills to identify and assess any

potential sources of exposure, and take steps to prevent or control any identified risk. An

appointed person can be the landlord, a consultant or the managing agent. The chosen

person must have the necessary skills required and refresher training would need to be

given. A record must also be kept of the assessment for at least five years and

further assessments must be carried out at least every two years and whenever a situation


Please note that old water systems, especially poorly maintained systems, may require

further work to be carried out and you may wish to obtain advice from a consultancy or water

treatment company.

Even if the managing agent completes the risk assessment on behalf of the landlord, it should

be noted that responsibility ultimately rests with the landlord.

Please note that you do not have to get a water system checked and sterilised each time a

tenancy comes to an end.”

The new Landlord Handbook which accompanies the new Landlord Terms of Business

contains a section advising landlords to check their property for Legionnaires' disease.

Therefore you should find a local contractor or trained assessor that can carry out the above tests and provide any remedial work required.