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Does my unfurnished property really need an inventory?

Does my unfurnished property really need an inventory?

It's probably a question that has cropped up now and again, however an unfurnished property still has a number of high value items inside. Including carpets, curtains and white goods, doors aren't exactly cheap either.


It is important to understand what an inventory is as it could be the difference between being able to claim against your tenants deposit and having to foot the bill for damage.


An inventory is not just a list of the items contained within the property, it's a schedule of condition, meaning that the condition of each individual item is recorded before and after each tenancy. So if worse comes to worse and you have to claim against the security deposit then there is adaquate means of determining the level of damage and the original condition of the item.


Without an Inventory conducted at the start of the tenancy, there is nothing to prove what colour the walls and woodwork were at the commencement of the Tenancy and unfortunately Tenants will sometimes look to redecorate a room without firstly gaining permission from their Landlord.


Without proof that colours have been altered by a Tenant, a Landlord could find themselves out of pocket for redecoration costs.


Lastly there is the issue of cleanliness prior to the tenancy commencing. Without a record of the level of cleanliness within the property then the tenant could have grounds to dispute a clean being conducted at the expense of their deposit at the end of the tenancy.


So it's not just small goods within the property like lamps and table's that require an inventory but the high value items, decoration/fabric of the building and the cleanliness that need one also.


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