Life and lettings

Life and lettings

Here at Martin & Co Shrewsbury, we are seeing an increasing number of interest in rental properties, according to a report prepared by OFT (2013): 

"The demand for rental properties is increasing. In 2010- 2011 the lettings market accounted for 16.5 per cent of all housing in England which equates to 3.6million households, an increase from two million households in 1999. Rising demand for private letting properties, from students, young professionals, families and those unable to get a foot on the housing ladder has encouraged more landlords to enter the market."

"Government figures suggest that the number of households in England will grow by an average of 232,000 per yer until 2033 (England DCLG 2010). Mortgage lending has decreased following the financial crisis, with a consequence being that demand for properties to let may be outstripping supply of these properties."

(An Office of Fair Trading Report, February 2013. Available at 

With this in mind........we would encourage Landlords to contact us ASAP and see what fantastic returns you can achieve on your property! Or perhaps you are trying to sell your property?

Why not Let it through us and generate a substantial monthly income through Letting your property?

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