Three tips for moving with pets

Three tips for moving with pets

Moving day is a stressful major life event that you will have to plan for in advance. Before finding your new home, you’ll be researching streets and areas, finding the right schools, dealing with the overall buying process and let’s not forget packing boxes. You might not realise the stress this causes your pets!

Here are three suggestions that might help a smooth transition when moving with pets.

Selecting a “pet friendly” area and home

When selecting your home make sure the area seems safe for pets by looking for red flags such as aggressive, bark happy, or unattended dogs in the area. Walking around the streets near your new home will help determine whether the area will be safe for your pet and will prevent surprises.  Is your new home near a suitable dog-walking area that is easily accessible on foot?  If you see several dog walkers out and about that’s a good sign!

Pet friendly space

Cats and dogs have different needs in terms of space. Cats need enough space that will enable you to create some cat-friendly spaces, perhaps with toys to occupy their time. Dogs need to have both indoor space and outdoor space to be able to play and run freely, as well having their reserved spots within the home.  Also make sure that any outdoor areas are suitably secured for dogs if necessary, particularly fences and gates.

Settling in

After unpacking your belongings at the end of a long day, you might think that your pet can run around your home to get familiar and settle in. However, this could cause anxiety and stress, that could lead to nasty surprises!  To help with your pets transition make sure you prepare their belongings in the new room such as toys, food bowls, treats, and litter box for cats. This will help your pet adjust in a shorter less stressful amount of time. Always continue to introduce your pet to all the areas to your home. Remember that moving day is a big day for your pet as well as you, so help them feel as excited as you are about your new home.

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