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Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council consult on sale of surplus assets

Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council consult on sale of surplus assets

Newcastle Borough Council, as part of a five year plan, has started the public consultation process on the sale of the first tranche of surplus land and property. In a bid to support the council’s capital programme it is proposing to sell off surplus assets.  The sale of these assets which the council believes are surplus to requirements will raise finance will allow the council to maintain services such as community centres, upgrading the recycling and waste vehicle fleet and help tackle a multi-million pond backlog of repairs and maintenance on buildings.

The sites include a disused garage at Gloucester Road, Kidsgrove, a former house clearance site at Heathcote Street, Kidsgrove, a former depot site in Madeley and small grassed areas in Porthill, Bignall End, Kidsgrove and Knutton.

The findings of the consultation will be reported to the Council on 18th June for consideration and to help decide of the future use of these sites

Disposal of assets covered in the five year plan is expected to raise up to £7million which will be used by the Council to support local services and projects.