Universal Credit roll-out delayed

Universal Credit roll-out delayed

It might be a good news for any landlord who was dreading the roll-out of the Ian Duncan’s flagship scheme. The Work and Pension Secretary provided updated to the scheme and deciding to extend the trail area from the current four centres by including 6 new centres. He does say that he is determined to make sure that the country-wide roll-out happens by 2017 as planned.


If you do not know why this is important than the one thing you need to know is that the scheme’s aim is to merge all different benefits and tax credits and as a result claimants would receive one payment, each month. This could potentially have quite a big impact on the landlords who rent properties to tenants claiming benefits for two reasons. Firstly, the tenant will receive just one lump payment that combines all different benefits and tax credits. May not make much difference to many people but those with little bit less ability to manage their finances might find it bit harder. Secondly, the money will be paid monthly and not weekly or bi-weekly. So, it will take some skill for anyone to adjust from weekly to monthly payments.


As mentioned above The Work and Pension Secretary seems to be sure the scheme will launch by 2017 by time will tell. And as with any government projects there will be winners and loosers. If you want some more information regarding the Universal Credit look here:

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