Another happy customer

Another happy customer

As an experienced letting agent, it is our job to make sure customers get the best service possible whenever they come through our doors.

This means we're very busy. So when an impressed applicant came in for a viewing, we were glad to oblige. He had already seen the property, but wanted a second chance to see it once the current tenant had vacated it . to make sure the property was up together and habitable!

Unfortunately, both our negotiators were already out on viewings, so our administrator stepped in to take the reins, taking the applicant around the property for his peace of mind.

The applicant loved the property and soon moved in. he was so impressed with our service that he wanted to show his gratitude, leaving a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the office for the team.

It's always great to receive a generous gift, and the whole team has had a massive boost from knowing they did a good job.

Mary Newman, joint owner, said: “We're so happy to have our hard work rewarded. This is a family-run business with a focus on professionalism and individual care. It's great to have those ambitions noticed.â€

The good news doesn't end their though. Mary Newman shares another story.

“Last year we lost one of our longest-serving landlords to a competitor. The other agent offered her a crazy deal that we just couldn't match, so we said our goodbyes and wished her well. So, imagine our surprise when she came back not a month later, asking us to reFlowersmarket his property again! The competitor agent had offered her the moon and stars, but couldn't offer a basic service to her and the tenant. It goes to show that doing the simple things right, every time, will get you noticed.â€

“This isn't the first time somebody has come back to us. Just last week, a former tenant got in touch with us. He has now become a landlord with a number of properties. He plans on buying a local property and came to us for help on letting it out for him once the deal has completed.â€


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