When is the best time to sell in Falmouth?

When is the best time to sell in Falmouth?

Looking at sales completions between 2012 and 2016 the months of March and August averaged the most completions with March averaging 63 completions per month and August 66. Now the high average in March may be slightly inflated by the rush to complete that we saw last year to avoid the change in stamp duty but completions in August constantly remain high. 

Falmouth average completions a month.


Source: Dataloft / Land Registry (2012 . 2016)

Coming back to today, even if you placed your property on the market today in Falmouth and found a buyer in the first week you can expect solicitors and the chain to take an additional eight and twelve weeks after that, before you move. It comes down to choices to when you place your property on the market. Children often affect the decision. You might consider delaying putting that for sale board in your front garden so you can move in the summer school holidays, but you might want to move sooner to be in the catchment area of a preferred school, in plenty of time for the next academic year?

Traditionally we would expect the sales seasons to be split up as follows:


Spring: House-buyers increase as the evenings start to draw out we see some glimpses of sunlight.

Summer: Sellers may miss out as potential buyers turn their focus to holidays as opposed to new homes.

Autumn: The enthusiasm for buying homes returns.

Winter: Interest diminishes as the festive period looms.


Looking at the data from the land registry and Dataloft the evidence supports this. Based solely on this, the best time to market should be May and June with a view to completing in August. My advice though would be, prepare your property ready to sell and market it properly and there is no reason why the right buyer at the right price can't be found all year round.