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One in Seven Crawley Homes Privately Rented

One in Seven Crawley Homes Privately Rented

The UK is a nation of homeowners but the trend in Crawley is changing.

27,583 households in Crawley were owner occupied in 2001 but that number had decreased to 25,228 households by 2011. In percentage terms the number of homeowner properties has dropped from 68.3% to 59%.   Although an additional 2,345 properties were built in Crawley between 2001 and 2011, a lot of them were bought as buy to let investments, more than doubling the number of private rental properties in Crawley.  In fact, the number of properties in Crawley that were privately rented jumped from 2,491 in 2001 to 6,214 in 2011.

Crawley private rented homes accounted for 14.5% in the last census, up from only 6.16% at the previous census.  If the trend continues a third of all homes in Crawley could be privately rented in 2021.