Starting Date for Rent Smart Wales

Starting Date for Rent Smart Wales
You will by now be aware of the upcoming licensing scheme which comes into effect on the 23rd November 2015.  From this date every landlord who rents a property in Wales will need to register their properties and becomes licensed.  You will have 12 months from the 23rd November 2015 in which to comply with the new legislation.

Rent Smart Waleshas been introduced to improve the image of the private rented sector and will benefit people who rent their homes and improve the practices of landlords and agents.

Since we sent out the initial information in September, we have spoken to a lot of landlord clients who are considering whether they wish to become licensed themselves, or handover the management of their properties.

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Further information on Rent Smart Wales is available at /

We will continue to keep you updated with information as and when we get it.

Mike Shrubshall
Martin & Co Cardiff