Tips to keep the house warm this winter

Tips to keep the house warm this winter
The days are getting noticeably shorter and we've dug out our winter coats and jumpers. With the colder months just around the corner we have put together 8 tips on how to keep the inside of your home warm during the winter...

1. Use timers on central heating. No need to have it on all day.

2. Keep the dial at 18°C, it saves you money, and wear warmer clothing indoors.

3. Move your sofa away from the radiator - It absorbs heating.

4. Close your curtains. It keeps room heated longer. 5. Block draughts around window frames, gaps

around and at the bottom of the doors. Use a stuffed “sausage dogâ€.

6. Keep the doors of any rooms that are not in use shut.

7. Don't forget to insulate your water pipes. External hot water pipes must be properly insulated too!

8. Keep your heater in good condition with proper maintenance and regular check-up.

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