Your tenant tips

Your tenant tips

If you’re considering renting, there is a lot to consider before you find the right property. We have pulled together some useful tips that might be of value to you.


1. Your requirements

    Before committing to a property, consider making a list of requirements. Whether it’s a property in a remote countryside location, or somewhere closer to necessities like schools, transport links and shops, it’s important to be clear on your top priorities.


    2. Inform your agent

      Informing your agent early on of your criteria is important. For instance, budget, furnished / unfurnished, occupation and long-term or short-term let.


      3. Know your additional costs

        When you’ve decided on your budget, make sure you find out what additional costs you would be required to pay. Clarify what they are and what isn’t included in the rental total, e.g., council tax and utility bills.


        4. Be honest

          It’s good to be honest and come clean if you smoke or would like to keep a pet. Some landlords are unhappy about these tenancy conditions, but it’s worthwhile being upfront as you may be able to come to a reasonable compromise.


          5. Understand the requirements

            Make sure you understand the requirements of the tenancy deposit scheme, which is made for the protection of your deposit. You should be provided information about the scheme at the start of the tenancy.


            6. Inventory

              Examine the inventory carefully and ensure that you receive a copy to keep for your records. You never know if you could need them in the future.


              7. Communicate any issues

                During your tenancy, if you spot any damage, be sure to declare it to your landlord or letting agent. Always do this by email, text or even letter just so it is documented. Having it in writing will help avoid any misunderstanding or complications that could arise.

                If you need more support on the process, please contact our branch, we will be more than happy to help.