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Wellbeing Wednesday – Mental Health

Now, more than ever before, it's essential to note how we're feeling mentally as well as physically. Mental wellbeing is increasingly recognised as being key as we head in to winter and particularly so due to the issues arising from the current health situation.

The Mental Health Foundation have published some useful articles providing advice and support for people who need it. Visit:

In the meantime we hope the following ideas may be beneficial to you:

  1. Set a routine – Lockdowns play havoc with schedules, so aim to create a simplified one that works for you and don’t forget to build some exercise into your day.
  2. Quality Sleeping – An overlooked aspect of good mental health is ensuring you get a good nights sleep.
  3. Remain Positive – Many things we have taken for granted have been temporarily stopped this year but try and embrace some of the new ideas and events that have emerged such as online book clubs and Zoom pub quizzes.
  4. Keep Connected – Stay in touch with family and friends. Despite the restrictions around meeting people be sure to pick up the phone and call or text someone.
  5. Make Friends with Winter – Make your home as comfortable as possible and enjoy the time indoors to read, cook, reflect, and relax.
  6. Get Help – If you are struggling with debt or feeling down, seek professional support and guidance.

At Martin & Co we know our community cares about more than just property, so we love sharing articles like this and hope they help you or someone you care about.

Thanks for reading.

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