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9 space saving ideas to make your home feel bigger

With more and more of us spending an increased amount of time at home, space has never been more important.

But if adding square footage to your property really isn’t an option, how can you make your property feel more spacious?

Whether you own your property, or you’re renting, these home space saving tips are a great place to start…

3 space saving hacks for small houses

Small houses tend to lack one major thing: Storage.

But there are steps you can take to make more of the space you have and make your home feel bigger at the same time.

1. Use the height of your room

It might seem obvious to only fit shelves at a height you can reach.

But that means there’s a huge amount of wasted space between those shelves and your ceiling that could be used for storage.

Don’t be afraid to fit shelves high up in your living room, particularly for items that you don’t need regular access to.

2. Fill awkward corners with storage

Most homes have unused corners and nooks that can become great space for storage.

This clever corner shelving unit at the foot of some stairs is the ideal place to store keys and shoes that might otherwise take up crucial floor space.

3. Add a window seat

If your living room is lacking space for a large sofa, adding a window seat can be a great way to add more seating and more storage at the same time.

Bay windows are perfect for window seats, but they can be built in to almost any space and are great places to store things like children’s toys so they’re out of sight.

3 bedroom hacks to save space

The bed itself is clearly the most important focal point in any bedroom – but once that’s in place, many bedrooms have very little space for anything else.

Try these great space-saving hacks to make your bedroom feel bigger.

1. A headboard with storage

The right headboard can really help your bedroom come to life.

But a headboard with built-in storage can also add a practical touch to your bedroom’s décor.

As well as headboards with internal storage, consider an option like this one, which has built-in shelves on the side.

2. Shoe storage on the wall

Shoe collections can often be the biggest test to any bedroom’s storage capability.

If you’ve run out of drawer or wardrobe space for your shoes, how about trying this Scandinavian-inspired wall solution?

3. A radiator shelf

Radiators aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing element in a home.

But by adding a decorative radiator cover, you can not only improve the feel of your bedroom, but you’ll add a shelf for additional storage, too.

3 items of space saving home furniture

The current craving of space sparked by the pandemic has certainly not been lost on furniture manufacturers.

And there are a whole host of great, space-saving pieces now available to make working and living at home much easier.

1. A desk sofa

Working from home looks like it’s here to stay – but finding space for a comfortable workstation in a small house can be tricky.

This multi-purpose desk-sofa is a great idea, particularly for flats where space can be tight.

2. A slide-away table or desk

Having a clear working space that set away from the rest of your property is a great way to create separation between ‘work’ and ‘home’.

But in small houses, it’s not always possible.

This slide-away desk is an ingenious way to create that separation in a small home.

3. Use wasted space in your kitchen

Kitchens in small homes often lack storage space, meaning your countertops are stacked full of everything that doesn’t have a home in a drawer or cupboard.

But these clever drawers slide into the space beneath your cabinets – making use of every inch of space in your kitchen.

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