New EPC regulations less than a month away

New EPC regulations less than a month away
Regular readers of this blog might recall our piece back in December warning of the forthcoming regulations on Energy Performance Certificates when it comes to lettings.

Well, those four months have flown by in a blizzard of Christmas, New Year and Beasts from the East and here we are: Less than a month away from the regulations coming into force.

Despite the passing of time, most landlords are probably still feeling pretty aggrieved at the amount of legislation hampering their portfolios currently, but in terms of the EPC rules now is the time to take action if you haven't done so already. It's a race against time with less than four weeks until the April 1 deadline.

Data between 2008 and 2015 showed a not inconsiderable 26% of UK domestic lettings with an EPC rating below E so there's a fair chance of a few still sitting below that magic legal letter from April 1

The facts are:

All new and renewed tenancies from April 1 must carry an EPC rating of at least E. In two years' time, the new legislation will apply to all residential tenancies.

With time very much of the essence, there is work that can be done if your property falls below that E standard. It's also worth remembering that failure to act now could result in a hefty fine to the tune of £5,000.

Improvements that comply with Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards include:

 - Cavity wall insulation
 - Replacement thermostats
 - Solid wall insulation
 - Replacement glazing
 - Underfloor heating
 - Secondary glazing
 - High performance external doors
 - Internal wall insulation
 - Loft insulation
 - Pipe insulation
 - Draught proofing

If you are a landlord and worried about how the new regulations could affect you, talk to Martin & Co's letting experts today.