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Most Romantic Street Names in the UK

We’ve always believed we’re a nation of romantics here in the UK – and some of our street names prove it!

From Diamond Street to Love Lane, there are more than 700 romantically named roads across the UK.

But which region is the most loved-up when it comes to street names and how much will you have to pay to live on a romantic road?

We’ve scoured the UK to find the regions with the most love in their lanes, romance in their roads and diamonds in their drives…

The UK’s most romantic regions

The South East is the UK’s most romantic region when it comes to street names with 139, closely followed by Greater London and the East of England.
Rose Street and Diamond Way in Wokingham, and Darlings Lane in Windsor & Eton all help the South East top the table, while Bexley in Greater London is home to Love Lane and Valentine Avenue.
The glorious Black Diamond Park in Chester shines in the North West, which has 71 romantic streets.

The UK’s least romantic regions

Wales is home to the UK’s fewest romantic street names, with only 17.

Valentine Court in Powys, Rose Avenue in Pembrokeshire and Love Lane in Denbighshire aren’t enough to keep Wales off the bottom of the romance table, with the likes of Rose Lane in Darlington, Roseberry Terrace in Durham and Juliet Street in Northumberland among the North East’s 46 romantic streets

In Yorkshire & Humberside, the delightfully named Lovesome Hill in Hambleton is a stand-out street.

The UK’s most popular romantic street names

There’s nothing more romantic than roses on Valentine’s Day, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see ‘Rose’ topping the table of the most romantic UK street names.

From Roseberry Grove in York and Roseberry Green in Harrogate, to Rose Avenue in Leeds and Rose Lane in Liverpool, roses are most definitely ‘read’ when it comes to romantic street names.

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How much does it cost to live in a romantic region?

So, how much will you have to pay for a property on a romantic UK street?

To live in the UK’s most romantic region, the South East, you’ll pay an average of £369,259 for a property.

In the East Midlands, a home on one of the region’s 64 romantic streets will cost you an average of £217,653 – some £50,000 below the UK’s average property price.

The North East, meanwhile, is the cheapest region to buy a property, with an average price of £134,609.

The West Midlands, Wales, North West, and Yorkshire & Humber all come in below that UK average price, with Greater London (£532,912), the South East (£369,259), and South West (£293,578) considerably more expensive.


Avg house price

East Midlands


East of England


Greater London


North East


North West


South East


South West




West Midlands


Yorkshire & Humber


"Romance is not only one of the most popular themes for people when it comes to naming their houses, but also a dominant theme across the street names of the UK.

Those looking to live in the most romantic region of the UK can expect to pay an average of £369,259 for a property, an increase of 8.1% from the previous year. In the East Midlands, a property will cost you an average of £217,653, approximately £50,000 below the UK’s average property price, a 9.1% change from the previous year.

The Northeast is the most affordable option, with a property costing an average of £134,609, a 4.5% change from the previous year."

Martin & Co Managing Director Ellie Hall added


The data was collected using the HM Land registry, Ordnance Survey's road database and Dataloft on the 19/01/2022.

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