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9 tips to make your home cosy this winter

When the nights close in and the weather turns wet, windy, and cold, there’s nothing better than a cosy, relaxing space at home.

But how do you create that dream cosy space that really makes a house feel like a home?

Whether you’re a homeowner, someone looking to sell, or a landlord keen to make your rental property stand out on a viewing, this guide is packed with the best tips to create the perfect cosy home.

How can I make my house feel more cosy?

Making your home feel cosy is easier than you think and doesn’t always require a huge budget.

To make your home feel cosier, try these great ideas:

1. Make your entrance inviting

Making your house feel warm and inviting starts with your property’s entrance.

It’s the first part of your home your guests see, but it’s also the first part you see when you arrive home.

So, making it feel homely and cosy is key.

Mud room dog wash station bench

Combine functionality with a feature

If you have space, consider installing a mud bench in your property’s hall.

Not only are mud benches great features, but they’re also functional and will hide away items like coats, shoes, boots, hats, and scarves – all reminders of the cold weather outside.

farmhouse hallway interior wall

Go bold with colour

The cosiest entrances are often the ones that feature bold, warming colours.

Whether you go all out with a deep, rich colour on your walls, or add in elements of colour through accessories, being brave with deep blues, greens or reds can really add a cosy feel to your home’s entrance.

2. Create a small cosy living room with lighting

If your living room is small, you may already use the word ‘cosy’ to describe it.

But by using clever lighting techniques, you can actually make it feel that way.

Woman drink sitting on soft plaid

Trail fairy lights under windows

The key to a cosy living room lies in soft lighting.

And one of the best ways to achieve the right level of light in your lounge is by running fairy lights along windowsills.

Fairy lights add a magical touch to your lounge during winter and combined with corner lamps, can create the perfect cosy ambiance.

Luxury interior lamp on table

Use warm LED bulbs

The bulbs you choose can have a big impact on how cosy your living room feels during winter.

Opt for soft white lightbulbs to create a warm and welcoming ambiance in your lounge and look for bulbs of between 230 to 440 lumens for the perfect balance of light.

3. A small snug room for winter

Snugs are small, comfortable spaces that are great for curling up with a good book during the winter.

If you have a spare room, or even just a corner space in your living room alongside a fireplace, creating a snug can be a great way to make your home feel cosier.

Classical library room leather armchair wooden

Think comfort with snug furniture

Rather than being led by style, prioritise comfort with your snug furniture.

A single, high-backed armchair can be a great piece to place next to a roaring fire and shelf of your favourite books to read during the colder months.

Classic style interior armchair lamp blue

Add panelling for cosy texture

Wall panelling is an excellent way to add texture to a snug room, making it feel enclosed and cosy.

Go for a dark, rich colour like a heritage blue on the wall, too, to add to that feeling of warmth.

4. Make your bedroom cosy with layers

A cosy bedroom that’s warm and inviting can really help to blow away the winter blues.

The key to a welcoming bedroom space lies in layers and creating texture.

Blankets on bed

Layer soft furnishings

Create depth on beds and bedroom chairs by adding thick, patterned throws, pillows, and cushions.

Look for items of different shapes and sizes to create interest.

Alarm clock candle on desk funiture

Use wood to create warmth

Wood is a wonderful, natural material that can make a room feel instantly warmer and more inviting.

Don’t overdo the wood tones but try adding some dark wooden furnishings or decorative pieces to mantels and windows to bring out your bedroom’s natural warmth.

5. Create a cosy and relaxing bathroom

An inviting bathroom can be a great space to relax and unwind during the winter.

Whether it’s a sanctuary to escape after a long day at work, or comforting space to prepare for the day ahead, your bathroom is key when creating a cosy home.

Shelving unit baskets clean towels toiletries

Add textiles

Thick, fluffy towels and bathmats can add a sense of luxury and sanctuary to your bathroom.

To keep your textiles on display, consider adding shelves to your bathroom, breaking up each item with luxurious products.

Spa bathtub wooden table vase plant

Candles and a bath tray

Create a relaxing ambiance for your bathroom by adding scented candles, which can create just the right amount of light for a cosy, late-night bath.

Add a bath tray, too, which can hold your products – or even a nice glass of red wine.

Blurred background postcards photos frames

6. Personalise your home

One of the best ways to make your property feel cosy and homely is by adding personal touches.

Create a collage of photos that mean something to you on your living room wall or give a piece of artwork you love pride of place in your entrance hall.

Filling your home with happy visual memories will not only make it feel cosy to you, but also to your guests.

Scandinavian living room trend

7. Upgrade your curtains

Shutting out the cold, wintry weather and keeping as much heat in your home as possible will immediately make it feel cosier.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through adding thick curtains, which as well as looking cosy, could help reduce your energy bills.

Look for curtains that complement your room’s design and consider patterns to add visual interest.

Thermal curtains are especially good at trapping cold air behind them and not allowing it to circulate around a room.

Luxury lighting aromatic scent clear color

8. Add cosy scents

The light from candles is a great way to create a cosy ambiance in your home.

And scented candles can also add cosy aromas, too.

Smell is one of the most powerful senses, so think about adding scents like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and orange through candles or scent diffusers.

Ginger, blackberry, almond and cardamom are also wonderful warming scents during winter.

Alternatively, try baking some fresh bread or cookies just before people arrive.

Wooden table next grey corner settee

9. Add warmth underfoot

Try laying deep pile rugs in key areas of your home like next to beds, under your living room coffee table and in your entrance hall.

For an increased level of opulence, try layering smaller, deep-pile rugs on larger, flat-pile ones.

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