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Looking to view a property safely

Looking to view a property safely? Here is how we help you keep safe during the COVID pandemic...

Like most of us you have been waiting for the chance to view your chosen property and now you can safely do so. Following the governments announcements, it’s great to be doing viewings again but rest assured we will continue to ensure they are as safe as possible.

We will continue to take all the required steps to provide the safest possible service to all our clients therefore we are continuing with the below measures to ensure maximum safety.

Virtual video viewings and 3d floor plans

Many of the properties we have for rent now have in-depth, 360-degree tours and 3d floor plans that let you navigate around the property in such detail it feels like you are actually there.

We would ask that anyone who is looking to rent from us to watch these first, as it may be enough for you to decide if the property is for you or not. The 3d floor plans include all the measurements of the internal spaces so hopefully you will get a good feel for the property layout.

For your additional safety, a few rules during your viewing

If you wish to see the property in person or have a friend or relative do it for you, we will be asking you to follow some basic rules whilst in the property.

  • maintain at least a 2m distance from any other person
  • wear a face mask at all times
  • sanitise hands or wear protective gloves
  • depending on the property be asked to wear protective foot / shoe covers
  • leave all personal belongings (bags etc) outside the property if safe to do so

We will supply face coverings, sanitizing gel, protective gloves and protective footwear if needed.

Depending on the property we may limit the number of people in the property at any one time.

Intensive cleaning of the property

Before your viewing, we will have thoroughly cleaned the property, cleaning will include doorknobs/handles, stair rails and kitchen work surfaces to ensure that the property is safe for you to view. This will leave you free to focus on what the property has to offer without worry.

We trust that our measures outlined here provide you with a stress and worry-free experience when looking for your next home. If you have any questions or require further reassurance then feel free to contact us on 01392 254488 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

The following web links will provide additional information:




To keep us all safe, remember, Hands. Face. Space !!!:

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