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How to Keep Your Tenants Happy

The ultimate goal for many landlords is to have trustworthy, long-term tenants who pay their rent on time and keep up with basic property maintenance.

Creating a positive relationship with your tenants will not only make your life as a landlord a little easier but will also help you generate a greater return on your property investment.

We’re here to help you achieve your goals as a landlord. As part of that, here are a few ways to help keep your tenants happy:

Set Clear Expectations from the Start

For your tenancy to run smoothly, make it clear from the get-go what you want from your tenants. This allows them to determine whether your expectations are reasonable and whether they want to live in your home.

This will ensure your tenant understands not just what is expected of them, but what is expected of you. If you meet their expectations, your tenants are likely to do the same.

Be Quick on the Mark with Resolving Issues

On average, complaints should be resolved within a week, regardless of how serious they may seem. This shows your tenants that they are important to you and that you are there to listen to their complaints and suggestions.

If their complaints are less urgent, such as a dripping tap, a minor delay could be tolerated, but bigger issues, involving security, and health and safety, should be addressed immediately.

Respect Your Tenants’ Privacy

Dropping by your rental property unannounced is one sure fire way to make your tenants unhappy. You have the right to check on your property. However, being considerate as a landlord is essential to keeping your relationship with your tenant strong. To keep your tenant happy and feeling respected, organise a time to drop round at a time that suits your tenant.

Keep Your Property Updated

Another way to keep your tenants happy is by keeping your property fresh and updated. Even the smallest changes can have a big impact, such as a fresh layer of paint, or a few extra pots and pans for their family. These changes will make your tenants feel more at home and appreciated.

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