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How to improve the Efficency of your Rental Property

Summary of Energy Performance Certificates and What You as a Blackpool Landlord Need to Do.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is to the inform the person who will use the building how costly the building will be to Heat and Light and what the likely Carbon Monoxide Emissions. The idea is for the EPC to promote more efficient buildings For Sale or For Rent and by measuring performance drive Efficiency Ratings of Properties. The property will be rated A – G, it is possible for the property not to score a banding due to poor efficiency. The report also provides recommendations on how to make your property more efficient.

A certificate is Valid for 10 years, compared to a Gas Safety Certificate for example which would only be valid for 1 year. You can get this arranged by a qualified EPC surveyor, your local Agent should be able to put you in touch with a reputable source.

If you don’t have your EPC to hand and don’t know if it is Valid, you can contact your Letting Agent to confirm or alternatively go on to the http://www.epcregister.com, enter the address of your rental property and you will be able to find the EPC certificate for your property. The certificate will detail current rating, when EPC expires and any recommendations to improve the efficiency of the property.

I’m a Blackpool Landlord, how does Energy Performance Certificates affect me?

First of all it is compulsory for you to have an Energy Performance Certificate for any Property that is Let, the EPC must be E rated or above. A big misconception is that a valid EPC is only required when a tenant moves in to the property, that isn’t the case, a valid EPC is required throughout the lifetime of the tenancy (similar to a gas safety certificate for example). From 2025 it is important to point out all Properties need to have a rating of C or above, so if any properties fall short of that rating band when you are getting them assessed now, it is worthwhile looking at options to improve the rating of the property.

Is there any Funding available to make buy to let investment for energy efficient?

Yes, there is.

In the Blackpool and Fylde Coast Area a higher proportion of Housing Benefit tenants, which means if you are a Landlord with a tenant in receipt of qualifying benefits, you may be entitled to funding towards improving the energy efficiency of your property. One example is the Eco Funding Scheme, which currently has funding available for first time central heating systems. First time central heating systems can be fitted in properties even without a gas supply, a new combi boiler system will be fitted would be fitted under the scheme. To qualify for such schemes, the property needs to be tenanted and your tenant needs to be in receipt of benefits (child benefit is also a qualifying benefit). There will most likely be local companies who are pricing First Time Central Heating Systems in the area, we do work with two companies and would be happy to refer you to them. There is other energy efficiency measures provided under the scheme, the below article gives great insight into these options:


There is also currently have the Green Homes Grant, which you can use to improve the rating of your property (you are required to put a one third contribution to total cost, and funding is capped to a maximum of £5000).

How to get an Energy Performance Certificate?

You will find many EPC Assessors in your area, a simple google search will bring many that cover the area of your property. We use Sakander who covers the Lancashire area and his contact details are below:

[email protected]

07825 876988

To book appointment:

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