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How has the pandemic changed the way we view our homes?

There’s no doubt that there has been a shift in homeowners’ priorities when it comes to searching for a property that suits their needs, with 74% of Brits recently surveyed stating that their preferences have altered as result of the pandemic.

So, what are home movers prioritising in their property searches?

  • Smart technology

The consecutive lockdowns have understandably led to an increase in our reliance on digital technology.

More than 71% of Brits believe that having a digitally associated property is important to them, as it preserves both time and effort. In fact, two-thirds of Brits already have smart technology installed in their homes, such as entertainment systems (51%) and smart amenities.

  • Sustainability

Greener homes are now positioned near the very top of Brit's property priorities, with over three-quarters of those surveyed suggesting that having a maintainable home should be a top priority for everyone.

Property developers and construction groups need to consider the impact of having a 'green reputation', as 73% of respondents stated the sustainability of a property is a high influence on their home search.

No matter what your property needs are, we are here to help you every step of the way. Contact our expert local agents today for further guidance.

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