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Hot Temperatures and Hot Property

This month we have seen record breaking temperatures but that's not all that has been hot as the property market in our area is reaching new highs.

Here at Martin & Co Thackley we're seeing a surge in the number of buyers seeking property locally and here are 3 reasons that may explain why this is the case.

Desire – Several buyers and sellers have told us they feel now is the right time to move, lockdown having accelerated many people’s decision-making processes.

Demand – Lockdown meant all moves were on hold, this ‘blockage’ in the property selling/buying pipe now having been relieved has seen a surge in demand. Many homeowners have realised where there is a demand there is the possibility of increased value so are seeking to make the most from their biggest tax-free asset.

Duty – The Stamp Duty holiday for properties under £500,000 can potentially result in people now having a larger deposit, make mortgages more available and increase affordability.

On their own, the 3 D's would not have caused such a surge in activity.

Together at the same time the 3 Ds offer the perfect climate for a red-hot property market.

If you are interested in having a chat about what this could mean to you, get in touch with us at Martin & Co 01274 589132

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