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Home improvement ideas to get your house ready for summer

Summer is a flattering time for your home, the sun is shining through the windows, the alluring smell of cut grass is in the air, and potential buyers are out and about looking for ‘For Sale’ signs. Now is a great time to take stock and get your home in tip-top shape, ready for warmer weather and an influx of homebuyers.

If you’re thinking about opening your door to viewings this summer, take a look at these home improvement ideas to get the place looking as fresh as a daisy…

Unleash the power wash

It’s time to banish the veil of winter debris and allow your patios and outdoor decking to come out from hibernation. Welcome them back this spring with a pamper session by jet-washing away pent-up dirt from the grooves and corners – just make sure to switch to a low setting for wooden decking to avoid chipping the finish.

Make the garage gorgeous

Kerb appeal is a powerful thing and your garage door is an integral part of this head-turning technique. Whether it’s a fresh lick of paint, repairing dents, or replacing the entire door, you’ll be amazed by the difference in the aesthetic of the front of your home – plus, an updated model might offer better security and a stylish, modern look.

Style up the conservatory

As soon as things start heating up, you might find yourself gravitating towards the conservatory, which might benefit from a touch-up after a long winter without much use. The conservatory is a great medium between indoors and outdoors, so bring some of nature’s colours and textures inside with wicker chairs, floral prints and soft, fluffy pillows. Don’t forget tealights for ambience and a few cosy blankets for cooler evenings!

If you’re already happy with the décor, invest some time into a vigorous spring clean to get those windows and floors shining again, ready for the sun to come pouring in.

Get your boiler checked

It may seem strange to have your boiler serviced when it’s about to take a seasonal break, but after months of hard work over the winter months, now is a great time to make sure all the internal components are working. Much like cars, boilers need regular maintenance and a lack of use in the summer could result in important parts of the boiler seizing, or even pipes corroding. A summer service will identify any potential problems that could crop up when it’s in use again, and will also give it a chance to run during its out-of-use period.

Refine your palette

A colour scheme that looks great in the winter months might not necessarily hold up in the summer, and if the prolonged daylight hours have paradoxically left some of your rooms feeling dark, it could be a great time to delve into some neutral or bright tones. If you’re looking for a palette that transcends all seasons, opt for versatile and balanced shades like sage green, midnight blue and cream.

Build a firepit

Summer nights are underway, and part of the magic of the season is being able to cosy up outdoors long after the sun has gone in. A DIY firepit is a great way to create a central seating area in your garden and amp up the hang-out appeal. Choose a great spot away from the house with a view of the sky for stargazing and clear of any low-hanging tree limbs. This will allow you enough room to create a pit from natural materials and arrange your garden furniture around it, ready for those atmospheric summer evenings.

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