Five Things Tenants Want from a Rental Home
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Four Things Tenants Want from a Rental Home

The wish list for tenants is ever-growing. As the rental market becomes even more competitive, people are looking for more features in a rental than just a good location and a clean property. Using our expertise, we’ve come up with the four things that tenants want from a rental.

1. Ample storage space

Storage space is one of the most desirable features for any home nowadays. New builds are prioritising storage in their designs as a standard practice. If your rental is an older building, then it’s likely that built-in storage is in limited supply. To attract tenants, consider providing them with access to the loft or a garden shed. If this isn’t available, you could supply a small wardrobe or set of drawers, or even invest in a built-in storage cupboard that can be squeezed into a hallway or living room.

2. Office space in the home

Remote working is soaring in popularity. Naturally, this means that home offices are becoming more and more desirable for renters and buyers. People are even selling their homes to find better remote working spaces! Even if you don’t have a spare room, there are other ways to capitalise on space. Can you squeeze a desk in a living room, hallway, or even under the stairs? Measure up and see where a home office can fit in. You could even include a desk as part of the furnishings to make it clear to tenants that they could work in your property.

3. A decent landlord

This might go without saying, since no one has ever wanted a bad landlord. But with people leaving employers that don’t respect them, this trend could quickly move to landlords. Some tenants might not want to stick around once the initial term is up if you aren’t communicating with them or being reasonable in what you provide to them.

4. Security

The crime rates in the area surrounding your property are completely out of your control. But people do want to feel safe and secure in their home. Regardless of the local crime rates, adding an alarm or another security feature can be highly cost-effective and will increase your chances of attracting great tenants.

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