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Calling all Sellers – need some help to sell your home quickly?

April 3rd 2021 is DIY day and if you’re planning to sell your home we take a look at some simple and affordable projects to help sell your home faster and hopefully for a higher price.

Kerb Appeal

Prospective buyers make up their minds within a few minutes of arriving so creating a good first impression is key. Ensure your front garden is well-maintained, windows have been cleaned and if needs be consider repainting the front door or fences. Don’t forget the back garden too if it needs attention as people often visualise themselves using it.

Internal Decoration

You’re trying to appeal to buyers so if your walls need a lick of paint and you’re planning to put your home on the market, now is the time to get busy with a brush.

Don’t ignore the Kitchen

Often the focal point of many homes, a kitchen makeover is one of the best ways to add value to yours. Don’t worry, you don’t need to consider a complete refit, think about freshening up kitchen cupboards with a new paint job, making handles and taps a feature with modern replacements, or rejuvenating seat cushions with pretty fabrics.

Bathroom attraction

The bathroom can also be a big selling point, so make sure yours is looking its best. Bathrooms often lack storage so you could install some shelves if you’re feeling confident. Also think about simple jobs such as replacing the toilet seat or installing a new shower head.

Interior Lighting

Clever lighting can make your home look warm and bright, and therefore more inviting. Think about modernising the light fixtures, using energy efficient bulbs or adding lamps to rooms where there isn’t much natural light.

Small problems and defects could create the impression your home is not well cared for so be on the lookout for things like cracked tiles, dripping taps or even holes in walls and make sure they are dealt with before your home goes on the market as buyers do not want to be hit with a list of jobs just after they move in.

For more advice about selling your home or to share DIY tips, get in touch with the Sales team at Martin & Co, we are here to help.

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