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A Homeowners tale for Halloween

In recognition of the Halloween weekend we reveal how a local family endured the nightmare experience that no one wants when selling their home.

To Begin

The Jones family were like many you know in the local area, mum, dad, two young children and Lucky the black cat.

The family were heavily involved within the community and very popular with the neighbours, so you can imagine the disappointment when folks found out that the Jones’s were relocating due to a job change.

In order to get a sales valuation of their home the Jones’s called in three estate agents. Two of the agents were both likeable, presentable, knowledgeable and their valuations were similar give or take £2000.

The Charmer

The Jones’s felt all was going as expected until they met Agent 3.

Due to meet at 3 pm they rang to say that they wouldn’t be able to get to the property until later in the evening. At 8 pm the door-bell rang and Mr Jones went to the door. The agent, let’s call him Damian, stepped out of the shadows into the light, and the reflection from his pearly white teeth and shiny shoes momentarily stunned Mr J.

The following 30 minutes were a blur. Damian with the dazzling pearly whites was devilishly charming and talked in an almost hypnotic way.

Presenting the family with a valuation of £20,000 more than the other agents, he lowered his voice and then said, ‘I have dozens of people looking for a home like yours, it’ll be sold in no time at all.’

The Jones’s signed a long contract there and then instructing Damian’s agency to sell the property.

On reflection, Mrs Jones said she had felt blinded by the smile, the shoes, and the promised sales price.

As Damian walked down the path whistling softly, a Black crow landed on the family car and stared soullessly at the Jones’s. Was this an omen?

The Haunting

‘Something doesn’t feel right’ said Mr Jones a day after the visit. ‘I know what you mean dad’ said Lucy the couple’s 7-year-old. ‘That weird man didn’t have a shadow when he stood by our lamp.’

Dad ignored Lucy’s comment as the workings of a child’s wild imagination, but then things began to get scary.

Damian was never seen again.

When seeking an update the office always said he was unavailable.

But that wasn’t all that was missing: as a result of Damian’s higher price the property was sat in the wrong price band for a property of its type, buyers were scared off and the family home attracted very little interest.

Coupled with poor communication from the agency and the lack of viewings was becoming a nightmare for the family as their move became ever closer.

Because they couldn’t sell, they couldn’t buy, this caused a horrendous amount of stress for mum and dad.

The moral of this family story is be very wary of smooth-talking agents, who promise the earth and conjure up mesmerising market values for your home that make little sense.

A happy ending?

You may be asking why we are referring to the Jones’s in the past tense?

Well, thankfully Martin & Co Thackley were on hand, accurately valued their home, and created an effective marketing plan for their property’s sale resulting in a successful move.

And the mysterious agent?

Legend has it that he can still be found around the local area, still casting no shadow but leaving a trail of homeowner horror stories in their wake. The black crow is still believed to follow them.

If this story sounds familiar why not give us a call on 01274 589132 and let us get you moving.

PS: The names have been changed to protect the innocent……. And the guilty……. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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