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5 reasons Tenants will say No to your property

Tenants have their own set of priorities when it comes to where and what they’re willing to rent. As a landlord it is in your best interest to know what tenants value so you can meet their demands. Here are five things that have been found to be tenant turn-offs.
  1. Too many stairs. As a landlord you don’t have too much of a say in how many stairs your property has, but keep in mind that you should target tenants who won’t be too bothered by the length of the staircase or who don't mind climbing flights of stairs in a block of flats. Consider, too, how will this affect the weekly shop, or moving a sofa into an unfurnished flat?
  2. Flooring. Low maintenance flooring requires less cleaning. Carpets will attract damp and bacteria, so maybe wood and laminate flooring is the way to go. How about fashions? Do tenants want a carpeted bathroom or is that a step too far!? However, you have control over this. Remember that your property needs to be adapted to the tenant, not to you, so find a décor that will best suit the most people.
  3. White goods provision. Tenants will prefer moving into a property that doesn't require them to purchase and move their own white goods - not to mention the fact that their own white good might not fit the space available for them. As such it is beneficial to offer tenants what they need without putting any of responsibility on their shoulders, or their pockets.
  4. Central Heating. It is the most efficient way to heat your home and tenants will not like cumbersome and ugly electric heaters being dotted around the property.
  5. Bathroom furnishings. Statistics show that the average person takes 227 showers a year, and 4 baths!* If you only have one bathroom space for tenants, give them a shower over a bath. They are cheaper, smaller and fit a tenant's busy schedule!
Tenants know what they want, and it is only fair that as their landlord you can provide them with as many of their needs as possible – so take the time out to look at your property and ask yourself not whether you would live in it, but would somebody else? By identifying your target market and choosing a property to suit that market, you'll have all the pieces in place to successfully let your property to a tenant whose every need has been met. If you would like more information about how to prepare your rental property for tenant viewings please contact your local Martin & Co office. *Daily Mail

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