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15 home staging tips that really work

Creating a great impression and turning your home into the one your buyer wants matters.

Buyers are often attracted to a home because it creates the impression of a lifestyle they aspire to. Using this to your advantage when home staging can really help. So, here are some fantastic tips on how to home stage your house for your viewings.

Fix your kerb appeal

The first thing potential buyers will see when they arrive outside your home is the outside. In fact, many people drive by a home before considering a viewing, so make certain that the outside makes the right impression to lure them into contacting an estate agent. Here are some tips on what to look out for:

  • Make sure the grass in the front garden is cut and flower beds are weeded
  • Wash the front windows
  • Repaint the outer walls if needed
  • Power wash paths outside
  • Plan some fresh greenery or blooming flowers

Deep clean your home

If they do decide to visit the house then you'll need to ensure that the house is as clean as possible. So, shine the floors, scrub the kitchen tops and make the house sparkle. Some prefer to hire the pros for this it's often worthwhile considering.

Spotless floors

All floors should be cleaned and carpets should be hoovered and preferably steam-cleaned before viewings. Additionally, if you have wood floors then refinishing them if they are the worse for wear isn't a bad idea. A strategically placed rug also works in emergencies.

Declutter - everywhere!

One of the most off-putting things for a potential buyer is not being able to imagine themselves in the home. Clutter is often the reason that people struggle to envisage themselves moving into a space. It's often a good idea to remove family photos and other very personal items as it can often put buyers off a little. So, clear away all the unnecessary and create space and make it easier for the buyer to imagine themselves living there.

Paint your walls

If your paint needs a touch up avoid using garish or wacky colours. Choose sophisticated, attractive and rich colours that won't side-line opinions.

Channel clean but lived in vibes

Striking a balance between a clean home and one that's lived in and has some personality is the key to making a home appealing. Yes, people want a clean, clear spacious place. However, the addition of flowers, a basket filled with fresh produce or the smell of home baked bread all do wonders for helping create a balance.

Create an inviting kitchen

Often the hub of the home, the kitchen should be a jewel in the crown when it comes to home staging. First and foremost, ensure that it's spotlessly clean from top to bottom and that there are no odours. Other things to consider in the kitchen include:

  • A fresh coat of paint
  • Clean windows
  • Organised cupboards
  • Shining Faucets
  • Remove any old sponges or soaps and replace with nice new ones
  • Add new tea towels
  • Add a shiny retro kettle to the stove top
  • Add a fruit bowl
  • Put your cookbooks on show

Add some inviting touches to your master bedroom

The master bedroom should be something that's attractive to all buyers, so avoid being overly gender specific with furnishings. Additionally, paint the walls a neutral colour and use items that complement the décor and this neutral colour scheme.

Give your dining room a purpose

Dining rooms can often seem a little empty and uninviting, so style them up with some little touches. Adding vessels and some flowers to the centre of the table can make the dining room seem all the more attractive.

Pay attention to your fireplaces

Depending on the time of year you're selling your home, a fireplace or some form of gas or electric fire can be a big draw. Fires not only create warmth but also an ideal and can be very powerful for people coming to view a home.

Arrange your furniture

Symmetrical furniture arrangements are often the most attractive. Using your furniture to create conversation areas in the centre of the room, rather than leaving them against the walls is a good idea and makes the house seem more homely to buyers.

Organise your closet space

People want to see that they can live in a home and also fit all their belongings. Ensuring your wardrobe and closet space is organised and showcases the amount of room in the house does this. Ideally, aim for around a third of the closet to be empty to give the appearance of spaciousness.

Tidy your children's rooms

If your house has children's bedrooms, showcase an organised children's room, where the vast majority of the toys are tucked away or even in storage for the time being.

Add appropriate furniture to spare rooms

A lot of us throw all our excess clutter into spare rooms. Before people come to view, clear out the spare room and turn it into one that has a purpose. Perhaps it could work well as a home office, a spare bedroom or a workout room. Turning a room full of junk, into one that's got a real use helps showcase its potential and can produce a large return.

Awkward areas should be an opportunity

Turn little nooks and alcoves into useful spaces. For example, if you have a small unused space underneath a stairs, add a workstation there or some built in shelving. By doing this you create more functional space and create another selling point.

Home staging can really give you the advantage when selling a home and allows you to showcase your property in the best possible light. Follow these tips and you can be certain you'll improve your chances of selling your house faster.

If you are thinking of selling your home, contact your local Martin and Co office. Our team can provide you with a free, no obligation valuation of your home.

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