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High demand for properties in Cults and Bieldside, Aberdeen

Another spring, another rush of people into Cults Academy catchment area!

Cults Academy is one of the most renowned academies in Scotland.
Not surprisingly, families queue in the Q2 of each year to find a property within its catchment area.

The catchment area of Cults Academy extends from Cults, Bieldside, Maryculter and Peterculter. Cults and Bieldside, due to their proximity to the academy, allows pupils to walk to school, freeing parents from the school run.

Maryculter and Peterculter on the other hand, give a more rural lifestyle for those seeking to escape to the country side whilst remaining close to this exemplary education centre.

As a leading agent in the upper market in Aberdeen, we are making even easier for landlords with properties within Cults Academy catchment area to move across to our unparalleled service.

We are offering a complementary 12-month Rent Guarantee and Legal Protection to any high end property in this area. This will give landlords further peace of mind.

If you have a property in Cults, Bieldside and surrounding areas, please get in touch.

We are here to serve you!

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