Property viewing checklist: A guide for students

If you’re starting your university journey or are moving out of halls of residence after your first year, there’s a fair chance you’re embarking on your first property search.

It can be daunting and overwhelming, so it’s important to be prepared and know what to expect when dealing with landlords and lettings agents.

Our student house checklist outlines everything you should be looking out for when viewing student properties, or moving into a student house, as well as a few questions to ask at a student house viewing.

Moving into a student house: Your ultimate student accomodation checklist


The property’s location

  • Is the property within walking distance of university / college?
  • Is it close to a bus stop?
  • Is it near a railway station?


    Gas, electricity and other utilities

    • Does the heating system work and is it adequate for the property’s size?
    • Do any electric and gas fires work and does the oven and hob function?
    • Have you seen the gas safety certificate?
    • Have you seen an electrical installation condition report (EICR)?
    • Do all the plumbing systems, such as toilets, taps and drainage, work and are they adequate for the property’s size?
    • Does the hot water system work?


    Property security

    • Is the house secure, with adequate locks for windows and doors?
    • Does it have a working intruder alarm?
    • Are there external lights?
    • Are external doors in good condition and do the locks meet modern standards?
    • Are there security latches on ground floor windows?
    • Do ground floor windows have curtains, shutters or blinds fitted?


    Furnishings, fixtures and fittings

    • Is the property’s furniture in good condition and adequate for the size of the property?
    • Does the furniture and furnishings meet fire safety regulations?
    • Does the kitchen have enough storage space for all housemates?
    • Is there adequate work surface space for food preparation?
    • Do kitchen cupboards and drawers open and close as they should?



    • Is there a working fridge / freezer and is it large enough for the number of tenants?
    • Does the property have a washing machine and dryer?
    • Are there instructions for use of appliances?


    Property structure

    • Are there signs of damp or mould inside the property?
    • Are there visible cracks on walls or across ceilings?



    • Are there smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms in the property and do they work?
    • Are the access points of the property clear from clutter and could you get out in an emergency?


    Cleanliness and condition

    • Is the property suitably clean?
    • Are there any signs of rodents or pests?
    • Does the property need decoration or repairs?


    Outside the property

    • When are the bins collected and is there enough bin storage for the size of the property?
    • Are additional services provided with the property, i.e window cleaning, garden maintenance?
    • Does the roof look sound?
    • Are guttering and downpipes in good condition and free of detritus?


    Financial arrangements

    • How much is the weekly / monthly rent for your room?
    • Does the rent include bills and, if so, which ones?
    • Is broadband included in the rent?
    • How much is the deposit?



    • Have you seen a copy of the property’s buildings insurance policy?
    • Do you need contents insurance?


    Tenancy agreement

    • Have you read the tenancy agreement and do you understand it?
    • Are you jointly liable for the property’s weekly or monthly rent?
    • How much notice do you need to give to leave the property?


    Who to contact

    • Do you have the landlord’s name and contact details?
    • Do you contact the landlord or lettings agent in an emergency?


    Renting a house as a student can be a real learning curve, but this checklist should help you remember everything you should be checking out when moving into a uni house.

    For more help or information regarding student accommodation, contact your local branch of Martin & Co.

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