Zoopla claims huge spike in visitors on all platforms

Zoopla claims huge spike in visitors on all platforms

Zoopla has fired the latest shot in its war of words with Agents Mutual by giving Estate Agent Today exclusive access to new figures showing a big rise in visits to the firm’s websites, number of page views and mobile app downloads since the New Year.

Earlier this week there were 1.6m visits to Zoopla’s websites in one day alone, up a whopping 35.3 per cent on the same day in 2013.

The firm also claims a 99 per cent year on year increase on visits to its sites via mobile devices and a huge 123 per cent increase on app downloads.

"Continued investment in our product and brands is helping us consistently deliver great results for our members. These record levels of traffic on our websites and mobile apps indicate a strong pipeline of home mover interest and activity to come” claims Alex Chesterman, founder & chief executive of Zoopla Property Group.

If the rival Agents Mutual portal launches next January, as its backers predict, it requires advertising estate agents to publicise homes for sale or rent on "only one other portal".

This effectively gives them a choice between Zoopla and Rightmove - unless, that is, they choose not to advertise on Agents Mutual at all and instead stick with the existing portals.

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