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Why autumn can be a great time to sell your home

Okay, so we apologise for bringing up autumn when we’re still enjoying another stunning British summer.

But if you’re pondering selling your home this year, doing so when the leaves start falling could be a great time to do it.

Yes, spring is traditionally a bumper period for property sales in the UK, but there are a number of reasons why an autumn bid to sell could work for you, too.

The current property market

Rightmove’s monthly House Price Index for July suspects the second half of 2019 will become more of a buyers’ market due to more properties being available with agents than at any time since July 2015.

That means property where sellers are realistic about pricing will stand out and have the best chance of securing a buyer in a market where many are still hesitant due to Brexit-fuelled political uncertainty.

Chelmsford property prices since May 2018 have stagnated somewhat, but have not experienced the same kind of dips as nearby London.

But realistic pricing remains key for sellers looking to secure a quick sale.

Why autumn is a good time to put your home on the market

So, we’ve already mentioned autumn.

Now we’re going to mention Christmas, but only in the context of selling property in autumn, of course.

There are 24 weeks, as I write this, until Christmas Day.

That means autumn buyers will have one thing on their minds: Can we get into our new home before Christmas?

Generally, it takes between eight and 12 weeks to move from making an offer to completion of a property purchase.

It can be quicker, of course.

But it can also take longer.

Buyers having an offer accepted in the middle of September will only have around 15 weeks to complete their purchase if they want to be in by Christmas, which can put sellers in a strong position even in a buyers’ market.

Refreshed buyers

With the UK’s Brexit negotiations dragging on, many buyers could be spurred into action in the autumn as they start to take a more pragmatic approach to their next purchase.

And with the UK’s EU exit due to be completed by October 31, we could also have some much-yearned-for clarity on the situation by September - again something which could act as a gentle jolt to the market.

History always suggests spring is the best time to sell, but this year went against the grain nationally with year-on-year transactions down 11% in May and 2% in April.

In Chelmsford, it was much the same.

But buyers who failed to find a suitable property in the spring, or who took a ‘waiting game’ approach due to the UK’s political situation, could be refreshed and ready to start their search again in the Autumn after the summer break.

End of the holiday season

September can almost feel like the start of a new year to family buyers

And when do changes occur? That’s right, in the New Year.

Once the children are back at school, parents once again have more time to ponder big decisions like moving.

They’ll also be in a child-free position to view properties and, in turn, more relaxed and focused on their search and in a better position to make a big decision.

Autumn can bring the best out of your property

While the sunshine of summer can start to fade away during autumn, it is an extremely aesthetically-pleasing time of year with plenty of colour.

With that in mind, and given your lawn should be starting to return to its green colour rather than straw yellow, autumn can be the best time to display your property in its best light.

Make sure everything is tidy externally, sweeping up any leaves that have been falling, and ensure your property is warm and welcoming to mark the change in season.

Many properties really look their best in autumn and in a challenging sales market where buyers have control, it can be the little things that make a big difference.

Martin & Co has been selling, letting and managing great properties in Chelmsford since 2007.

Director Stephen Frost is Chelmsford born and bred and has built a team of knowledgeable, experienced local property experts at our branch on Duke Street.

If you’re thinking of an autumn sale, have a chat with a member of the team, who will be happy to help.

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