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UK is most expensive place to share a flat

UK is most expensive place to share a flat

The average cost of sharing a rental home in UK is £390, the highest in western Europe, new figures have shown.

London is the most expensive city at £757 per month, but Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds all make the top 20 of priciest rental cities in western Europe.

A study of over 35,000 UK, French, Italian and Spanish rental properties by flat-share website Easyroommate reveals that the average flat-share rent in the UK is 73% higher than in Spain, a difference of £165.

With average rents of £340, France is the second most expensive country for renters, followed by Italy (£297 pcm).  

After London, Paris is the second most expensive city (£426 pcm), £42 higher than Rome, which is the third most expensive (£348 pcm).

Birmingham and Manchester are in sixth and seventh place respectively with a monthly rent of £347, and Glasgow is in tenth place (£332), with Leeds in 11th place (£325). All come ahead of places like Madrid, Barcelona, Turin and Naples.

Easyroommate says the reason for such high flat-share rents in the UK is the glut of people who would normally be first-time buyers but are still renting.