Top tips on how you can boost the value of your property

Top tips on how you can boost the value of your property
Before even beginning to have to think about your selling your property you may want to maximise its value. To get the best out of your property you might want to consider fixing structural damages and enhancing the designs of the room. This blog from Timberwise will provide top tips on ways to improve the value of your property.

1. Fixing Structural damage to your home

Fixing property issues and structural defects is an absolute necessity to add value to your property. Examples of structural repairs include:
  • Cracks in walls
  • Woodworm infestation
  • Rising damp and penetrating damp
  • Leaking roof
  • Broken roof tiles
  • Rotten joists and roof timbers
To ensure all these defects are repaired to the highest of standards than you should initially contact a building surveyor or structural engineer. Identifying any of the listed problems above as early as possible is important before you move onto the renovation stage for your house.

2. Improving the Central Heating

Updating your central heating system can add value to your property than it costs. It should be collaborated with improving the overall heating efficiency of the house.

Check that the property has good ventilation as this will reduce the chances of condensation occurring in your property. Extractor fans should be located in the areas that are more likely to have moisture such as the bathroom or kitchen, these will provide a constant air flow in and out of the property. To improve on the energy savings of the property add insulation to the loft space if it is missing to keep in as much heat in as possible.

3. Converting your loft and basement conversion

In terms of adding value to your property converting the loft or basement is a really innovative idea. Basement or loft conversions can provide extra living space which can provide extra room for storage or it could even venture into something more exciting. Every homeowner has different ideas what they like to achieve, ranging from the simplicity of just having an extra living room to the ambitious home cinema.

4. Refurbishing the kitchen

One of the top reasons when you're looking at buying a new home is that you want to see an attractive, spotlessly clean kitchen. You may already have a nice kitchen at the moment but if you want to give your house a new lease of life then making some smart adjustments to your home could be difference for someone buying a property are not.

Before making the decision on what design of kitchen you want for your house, explore different variations making sure that there is room for a washing machine, tumble dryer and fridge. Having an attractive style of cooker is also popular feature among buyers. Don't forget to keep your kitchen flooring looking spotless.

5. Modifying your bathroom

Bathrooms need to have fresh modern feel and look clean so buyers know that it is kept in great condition. You should have at least one shower in your house as this is a necessity for buyers.

Keeping away from having carpets in your bathroom is must, as you want your floors to be as clean as they possibly can. Making sure that your bathroom has an extractor fan for added ventilation is a good way of reducing the possibilities of condensation. If you want your bathroom to look brighter and larger than adding mirrors will help do this.

6. Redesigning your garden

Improving the design of your garden can add a great deal of value to your property. If you're struggling for gaining ideas then it might be worth getting a designer to help you get the best out of your garden. People like having seclusion and privacy in their home so it might be a good idea to add larger fencing and grow trees further out.

If you feel that your garden doesn't need a makeover then you should at least make sure the basics are up to the highest of standards. The basics include:
  • Cutting back overgrown trees
  • Clean up and tidy litter
  • Remove unwanted dead plants and weeds
  • Make sure the lawn is maintained

Follow these helpful top tips, you can be sure that your property won't be on the market for long!