Top tips for spring cleaning your property

Top tips for spring cleaning your property
It's almost spring - the clocks go forward, the evenings are lighter and, most importantly, summer is just around the corner. But spring also brings with it one final challenge for the discerning homeowner or landlord.. a good old-fashioned tidy-up and declutter to either make your property more pleasant to live in or suitable for a potential new tenant.

So, where do you start?

Preparation is key

You won't get through all those cleaning tasks without the right armoury, so get yourself down to the shops to ensure you are as prepared as you can be.

At the very least, for a proper job, you'll need:

-   Rubbish bags
-   Rubber gloves
-   Disinfecting wipes for floors and surfaces
-   Glass cleaner
-   All-purpose cleaner
-   Bathroom cleaner and limescale remover
-   Dustpan and brush
-   A lot of cloths, scrubbers and sponges

Jot it down

As part of the preparation phase, and before a surface is wiped in anger, write a list of all the areas you need to tackle so you can work through them with a strategy rather than a scattergun approach that will result in a mixture of sweat, frustration and confusion.

If you are ticking off areas as you go, you know where to pick up again if you run out of time.

Be ruthless with your stuff

Cleaning is all well and good but not if you have so much clutter you can't see the surfaces or the floors. Spring cleaning is as much about clearing away useless, unused items as it is about freshening up your property.

Hoarding is our guilty pleasure - we all do it. But spring is the time to get tough with yourself and go through ALL, yes ALL, of your possessions one by one. Do you REALLY need it? No, then chuck it out, or better still, bag it up for the local charity shop.

Target the kitchen

So, you've decluttered and planned your strategy for war with dirt and grime. Now it's time to tackle the worst area first - the kitchen. Kitchens tend to build up more grease and grit than other rooms so get it out of the way early on.

Empty out all your cupboards and cabinets and sling anything that is out of date. Box up the rest and get scrubbing those cupboards with anti-bacterial cleaner. While you're doing that, run a dishwasher cleaning cycle to remove any stuck on food from inside your best friend - then get the pots and pans in there and run another cycle.

When it comes to the oven, it's often better to call in the professionals, but if you do take on this particular challenge yourself, make sure your property is well ventilated. There's nothing worse than oven cleaner getting in the back of your throat!

Once everything is back in the cupboards, box up all the food in your fridge and freezer and get to work on a deep clean with anti-bacterial cleaner. Move on to the hob and the microwave (inside and out), before removing everything from the kitchen work surfaces. Get those areas sparkling!

Finish the monumental task by vacuuming and wiping the floor with anti-bacterial wipes - get right in those corners!

Bathroom Bedlam

It's a similar state of affairs in the bathroom(s), which have a habit of picking up more grime than most other rooms in the house.

As in the kitchen, box everything up so you have a clear space to work with. Start with mirrors and tiled walls - really get scrubbing to remove remnants of mould, mildew and water marks.

Using a cream cleaner, move into the shower cubicle and then around the sink before tackling the toilet last... then, most importantly, throw away the cloth!

If your title grout has seen better days, there are a host of products on the market to get it pearly white once more.

Finish up with anti-bacterial wipes on the floor area and your bathroom will be sparkling with the best of them.

Skirting the issue

Bedrooms are a magnet for dust so once you've been through your old clothes and bagged up all the items that would only be a good look at a 1970s disco, give the skirting boards a good clean with a vacuum and then a duster and a little polish. You'll be amazed how much of the grime you only see when it's on a cleaning cloth!

See clearly

That's the worst of it out of the way. Now turn your attention to your windows, inside and out.

Our top tip for window cleaning? Do it on an overcast day so the cleaning product doesn't dry in the sun before you've had a chance to polish it out. Streaks are never a good look.

Now make yourself a nice cup of tea in your newly glistening kettle... you deserve it!

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