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The Great British September Clean

Would you like to improve the local environment by joining the fight against litter? Now is your chance as The Great British September Clean is up and running until 27th September.

Run by Keep Britain Tidy, the event promises to be an almighty tidy-up with thousands of volunteers who will either host a clean-up in their local area with others (following the rule of six) or go it alone and spend time picking up rubbish in a nearby park or open space.

The campaign has been arranged as plans to hold a similar event – the Great British Spring Clean – were cancelled in March due to Covid-19. Previously some 680,000 people signed up to help out. No doubt organisers hope that this time around, the sense of community and commitment is just as strong. You can SIGN UP HERE.

A study by Keep Britain Tidy named ‘Beacons of Litter’ found that if an area is free of litter, people are less likely to drop rubbish there.

Conversely, if a space is strewn with plastic, bags and paper, people think it’s socially acceptable to follow suit and leave their waste behind.

So if the sight of discarded cigarette butts, empty bottles and plastic wrappers makes you see red why not sign up and make a difference.

Here at Martin & Co, we’re committed to helping to create a tidy, welcoming local environment across Saltaire.

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