Telford landlord has “worst nightmare”

Telford landlord has “worst nightmare”

A Shropshire landlord found a house full of rubbish, disregarded food and cigarette ends after a long term tenant moved out.

The Shropshire Star has published pictures of the site which greeted the landlord when he went to inspect the property after the tenant left.

Rubbish, including food scraps and bottles, was piled high in every room so much that the carpet or floor could not been seen.

Neither landlord or tenant was named by the paper which reported how the landlord first realised there was a problem when the tenant refused access to a gas engineer to check the boiler.

Notice was served, but the tenant fled and left the landlord to foot a bill of thousands of pounds to have the property cleaned and all the rubbish removed.

The story serves as a stark reminder to landlords to do regular property inspections.