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Team agents enjoy first place on Google status

Over 92% of Team agents are on the first page of Google – generally in first or second place – when using the most common search criteria.

Team, whose search engine optimisation programme is run by Resource Techniques, said the figures came to light after it emerged that Dart & Partners in Teignmouth, Devon, who lost their premium position in the Google rankings when they relinquished their Team membership, regained it within weeks of rejoining.

That, said Team, resulted in a marked increase in both local and out-of-area vendor inquiries.

Other Team agents benefiting from the SEO programme include Frost & Co in Bournemouth.

The firm’s David Palmer said: “With around 100 agents operating in the area, ours is a hugely competitive marketplace. Of the dozen or more pages on Google devoted to Bournemouth agents, we used to languish somewhere around page 5 – which for all practical purposes meant we were invisible.

“The transformation brought about by the SEO programme has been amazing. Now we are one of three member firms regularly appearing in the top five on page 1. Not only that, but on the accompanying Google map, Frost & Co enjoy the letter A position.”

Team IT director Kerry Applin, whose own firm is Chapplins in Havant, Hampshire, said: “The SEO programme really delivers for Team agents. Personally, I have already secured a number of instructions this year where the vendors live out of area.

“They all searched Google for ‘Estate Agents in Havant’ and as we are in no 1 position, they called me.”

If he had to pay for this level of SEO himself, Applin said, it would probably cost more than £50,000 a year, whereas it is a membership benefit for Team agents.

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