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Spring Sales Tips

We ask Beth, our Sales Manager and Interior Designer, her top tips for getting ready for a spring house sale…

Clearing-out your home is all about feeling positive & hopeful. At the start of the year, and especially in spring, it can represent a new start, and de-cluttering is a fantastic way of clearing your mind, as well as preparing your home for a sale.

The kitchen & bathroom are a great place to start, as these are what potential buyers look at first…

In the kitchen:

  • De-clutter worktops and cupboards to create the feeling of more space
  • If units look old-fashioned, paint them white and replace the door handles
  • Replace the flooring with an easy to clean option if necessary
  • Accessorise with fresh flowers & plants
  • Clean, clean and clean again!

In the bathroom:

  • Tidy away any toiletries or bath time toys and stash them in the bathroom cabinet
  • Modernise and refresh wall tiles and grout using specialist tile paint & grout pens
  • Replace old towels with fluffy new ones and add scented candles to the space
  • Replace old toilet seats with new ones and replace shower curtains with screens where possible
  • And, need we say it again, make sure it is spotless!

As for the other areas of your home, think about what you’re using in everyday life and consider whether it’s time to part with some things. Can they go to a charity shop or could you even pop them in the loft for now to give the impression of more space?

If you’re considering a spring sale and want us to carry out a free, no obligation appraisal, you can get in touch with Beth by calling 01227 455717 or by emailing [email protected].

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